Frequently Asked Questions

Yes*. Entries are taken from 2pm till 10pm on the Friday, the day before the competition and 5.30am - 9.30am sharp on the Saturday morning of the competition. Entries are taken at the Mulwala Football ground.

* As long as the maximum cap of 3500 adult competitor numbers have not been exceeded. It's best to get in early!

Yes, to approximately 3,500 competitors and 700 juniors.

To enter the junior section children must be 15years old or younger on the Saturday of the event. 

Yes, please see the Online Entry Link.

Yes, you can submit your credit card information via the printed entry form, or via Paypal if entering online.

Yes. As long as it conforms to what is legal according to NSW Fisheries rules and regulations. Live bait such as Fish and Frogs are illegal.

Lake Mulwala is governed by NSW fishing rules and regulations; therefore you need a NSW fishing licence.

Yes. To save time though it is recommended that you purchase on before you get to the event.

No. You can fish from the shore but be aware of where you are fishing in relation to where the measuring stations are located.

As per your car licence, as long as you have got a legal Australian Boating Licence you are fine.

The lake will always have enough water in it during December to run the Cod Classic. This is the case as the lake is used as a water storage facility to supply irrigation water downstream through the Murray River, Mulwala canal and Yarrawonga channels. The lake needs a minimum head pressure supply to do this and that is also enough to make the lake very fishable.